In December 2012 I was honoured to be made a Patron of the British Stammering Association. I have had a stammer my entire life, but I control it. When speaking in front of an audience or on live radio or TV I do not stammer at all. My late father had a very bad stammer, and it is in his memory that I look forward to working with the Association.


Although fewer than 1% of the British poplulation stammers, it can have a debilitating effect on confidence, most prevalent among teenagers. There is no known cause for a stammer, and therefore no cure.


The British Stammering Association has been chosen as the Bank of England charity of 2013.




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Photographed with the Rt. Hon. Ed Balls MP, a fellow patron of the British Stammering Association, together with Norbert Lieckfieldt the Chief Executive.


The occasion was the launch of the Employers Stammering Network at the House of Commons, sponsored by Ernst & Young.


I'm keen to further the reach of the association in Wales, so please feel free to contact me here.





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